Sixth graders have completed their first build of the school year. We tackled building solar ovens as sixth grade did last year. We changed up some our design guidelines and this year in hopes for more success with our ovens. Students completed the research and initial designs all in Google Classroom; we then took our best ideas and designs and started cutting, taping and gluing these creations together. Students also used class time to test the ovens to see what design team could get theirs up to the highest temperatures.

For the final step of this challenge, we left our ovens out in the sun all morning to see if we could cook an egg. While we had many challenges either of our own design or that just popped up on test day we proceeded with the final test to see if we could cook an egg. While we endure much egg slime cleanup at the end we did have success with making eggs extremely over easy.  Great job on this project 6th grade.