A fruity DNA experience

The investigation was to understand more about what makes us who and what we are. Fifth grade science students study regeneration and reproduction. To take this lesson one step further we did an investigation into what is DNA. We did research prior to this activity... read more

Creativity Coaster

Kindergarten students recently had the opportunity to test out some new learning toys for the EXPO room. Made from pipe insulation, peg board and some twist ties the students were not sure what this was to begin with. Once they were shown how to attach the foam to the... read more

Push it real good.

2nd Grade EXPO students are learning about simple machines. We have investigated the wedge, screw and today we looked into the lever. Students experimented with how a first class lever works. We investigated how different lengths of levers would effect the load to be... read more


Last month students in 5th grade EXPO classes began working on paper rockets in class to launch. Students reviewed some of the key features and principals behind flight and stabilization. Roughly two hours of construction went into building the rockets before test... read more

Working Towards Destruction!

Sixth and seventh grade EXPO classes have been busy working on destroying their work in the last few days. The sixth graders have been working on solutions to make dams last longer to withstand floods. While seventh graders have began working on testing the physical... read more

EXPO – Water Table Excitement

Sixth graders have studied the water cycle in science and we made a connection with an experiment that the students recently built and began to test. We engineered water tables that would allow us to test erosion, dams and water movement. In the photos below we were... read more

“The Expo is an unbounded classroom where learning is not limited to a set of books or a curriculum guide.”

Evan Sherlock

Expo Director, Crown Pointe Academy

“I have dreamed of bringing a program like this into a school and now we are making that happen.”

Keith Ouweneel

Director , Crown Pointe Academy

“I see the EXPO¬†being used as a portal for students as well as teachers to foster both curiosity and experimentation. It is a platform that challenges us to to seek out knowledge rather than just consume another learning experience.”

Monica Strass

1st Grade Teacher, Crown Pointe Academy