Legacy Project

A project that was initiated this year was to have 8th graders look back over their years of attending Crown Pointe and to see how they could give back to the community and school. Each group was tasked with finding a need of the school and identify how they could... read more

Solar Eggs for Breakfast

Sixth graders have completed their first build of the school year. We tackled building solar ovens as sixth grade did last year. We changed up some our design guidelines and this year in hopes for more success with our ovens. Students completed the research and... read more

Recycled Axles

Seconds graders are hard at work discovering how simple machines work. In this project, we look at many examples how an axel rotates and brainstormed how we could build one. The class arrived at using cardboard, straws, and skewers we could probably make something... read more

Can you build it?

1st graders were on the move today with an old fashion set of wooden blocks. The challenge presented to the students was to replicate specific three-dimensional shapes. This challenge is difficult because of the trade-offs and compromises that must be made in order to... read more

Shoe Box Machines

Shoe Box Machines Second grade has spent a majority of this year investigating how simple machines work. For this project students learned how to create their own shoe box automata. This lesson gave many students the opportunity to showcase some of their own... read more

Its about making time

Seventh grade EXPO students tackled a very large question this semester. The question posed was to deconstruct the notion of time and what are the different ways we can we measure time. For many groups the notion of thinking outside the typical guidelines of time and... read more

Kindergarten Architecture

Kindergarten has spent two weeks investigating how columns work and why the cylinder is such a strong shape. The investigation began with the Greeks and looking at classical architecture and how building that are made of stone. We examined the materials and shapes... read more

“The Expo is an unbounded classroom where learning is not limited to a set of books or a curriculum guide.”

Evan Sherlock

Expo Director, Crown Pointe Academy

“I have dreamed of bringing a program like this into a school and now we are making that happen.”

Keith Ouweneel

Director , Crown Pointe Academy

“I see the EXPO being used as a portal for students as well as teachers to foster both curiosity and experimentation. It is a platform that challenges us to to seek out knowledge rather than just consume another learning experience.”

Monica Strass

1st Grade Teacher, Crown Pointe Academy