The adventures keep happening in the EXPO room. Check out this weeks fun below.


The second graders have started racing and modify their balloon cars for competition. There have been challenges along the road that we have had to engineer our way out of; like how can you get wheels that are perfect circles? Or getting the cars to not flip over when racing them. The challenges only have brought on more experiences to learn and to discover solutions. Great job 2nd grade!



1st graders have been exploring magnets and electricity. We setup this fun table to play with iron filings so that we could visualize the magnetic fields we experience.


Kindergarten learn about how different materials have different insulation properties. We took army men and wrapped them up in different materials before they went scuba diving in freezing water, we then tested how warm or cold they were in the bath. Of the nine materials we tested foam, cotton and nylon did the best.


We have expended on our knowledge in 3rd grade now developing switches for our circuits. Using alligator clips, batteries, LED’s, brads and a paperclip we were able to replicate the action of a light switch. Way to go to all of the groups that pulled this off!


We are nearly done planting our donated plants with the 8th graders. The project has been a learning experience for students as well as staff. Who would have known how few fertile places we actually host on this property. A big thanks to the custodial staff for helping us with the logistics of all of this.