A project that was initiated this year was to have 8th graders look back over their years of attending Crown Pointe and to see how they could give back to the community and school. Each group was tasked with finding a need of the school and identify how they could meet the need of the school through their work in EXPO class.

One of the needs that were identified was to install a tetherball court at the school. Many of the students over the years have asked for one to be installed but nothing was ever done. A very driven and confident group of 8th-grade boys took on the task and decided that it was time to do it themselves. The research, work, and installation took close to seven weeks of class time but all of it was worth it in the end. Many elementary students and middle school students use this each day at recess and this group of boys made something that will last many years at Crown Pointe. Amazing job!