Months of dreaming, months of planning and soon a reality will be upon us.

The EXPO started as a series of conversations about Crown Pointe and how we can provide a unique experience for the students, staff and community. This seed was planted in the Summer of 2015 and over the weeks and months a vision was dreamed up.

In October of 2015 the design team from 359 Design in Boulder was brought in to assist in this vision. A design charette was performed with the staff and stake holders and we began to breathe life into the hopes and dreams. The end of the day we had design drafts and had initial design ideas to play with.

By December we had received approval from the Crown Pointe School board to move forward with funding of the EXPO project. This decision began the process of beginning in more people and more information about how this project was going to take shape.

We now have finalized plans and will begin breaking ground in the coming weeks. Please check in on us to see the progress and the reality of this dream.