The investigation was to understand more about what makes us who and what we are. Fifth grade science students study regeneration and reproduction. To take this lesson one step further we did an investigation into what is DNA. We did research prior to this activity about why we have DNA and what its job is in dictating who and what we are. Using a lesson provided by the Steve Spangler site we got down to work on this activity.

Using the mixture of salt water and soap we were able to break down the strawberries and bananas so that we could then strain the material. After straining the material we added the alcohol to the mixture. Suddenly things began to change and the students started to attempt to pull out some of the blobs that were forming on the surface of the mixture.

As a class we gathered samples to examine under the microscope. This is where the lesson came full circle. Many of the students had never used a microscope before nor had they any experience with preparing anything for close up examination in this way. The room was buzzing with excitement because we could see with our eyes some of the smallest ways that a banana and a strawberry are different because their genes are different.