The last few weeks have been amazing with the different topics we have been able to cover. Sixth grade completed a six week inquiry into how solar energy works. To demonstrate this learning we worked in teams to build solar ovens. This project gave way to different ways to insulate and how to maintain the heat that was captured. This project was amazing to see students evolve their initial designs to meet the needs of capturing more heat. Although we didn’t reach the temperatures needed to cook food we certainly meet the temperature requirements needed to make smores for an afternoon treat. Congratulations to those few groups that completed designs that reached over 180°.




Seventh grade has wrapped up constructing functional furniture for the math room. These will be used to hold totes that house math supplies. This was an amazing project for this class as many student learned how hard it can be to create something functional. Many students came into this project having only ever put together IKEA type furniture. This was a challenge as measuring, fastening, stability and safety all came into play on this project.


Second grade has been exploring gravity over the last few weeks. This last week we explored how gravity effects how far a match box car can travel.


First graders looked into how a metal ship can float. This project was fun because we built tin foil boats and then tested how many army men could each hold. This was a inquiry into why ships can have different shapes and why many ships have similar shape.