Fourth grade has recently been exploring how water is cleaned and why we need clean water. We had completed research on how to build simple water filters out of materials that we have around the house. We completed a build of filters made of water bottles, rocks, sand and coffee filters. Each group came up with a design to on how their filter would work based on their research. We then had our test at filtering some rain water from the playground. The end results varied by each design. Overall it resulted in water that was cleaner than when it started but far from drinkable. We will begin a second inquiry into ceramic filters and how those clean water. week-8-photo5

week-8-photo4 week-8-photo6   week-8-photo3

Kindergarten spent a day working on designing strong structures. We looked at some footage from the recent Hurricane Matthew and talked about what forces were most responsible for the damage to houses. We then simulated hurricane winds with an air compressor to see how well our structures fared the storm. The results varied but we concluded that triangle shaped frames worked far better than square ones.