Another week in the EXPO brought on more successes, adventures and learning opportunities. Check out below to see what we have been working on this week.

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3rd-Grade learned how to make a simple motor, using only magnets, batteries and copper wire we created movement. We used instructions to make Homopolar Motors. Building these motors help us understand some basic principals about how electric motors work but is also laying ground work on how to work with electricity to create items for ourselves. It was amazing to see how fast some of these motors could get going with just a few small tweaks in the design.

Week-3 - simple motor

8th-Grade has been busy planting lilac and azalea bushes this week. We are now preparing for a big dig day that will help us get many of our evergreen trees and boxwood bushes in the ground. A big thank you to Pioneer Sand and Gravel for donating topsoil and the Broomfield Walmart for donating the trees and shrubs. Both of these businesses saw the opportunity to help the community and  helped make this project a reality for Crown Pointe Academy.\

Week-3 - marking holes for trees

6th-Grade is wrapping up the initial design phase of our solar oven project. We are closing in on the date to complete initial tests to investigate what designs are most efficient.  It is exciting to see students use all of the investigation we went through to create their own hybrid designs.

Week-3 - solar ovens

1st-Graders were engineering solutions on how to move the army man over the ravine. Students had chairs placed two feet apart and were given twenty plastic cups and unlimited popsicle sticks. The twenty plastic cups were not enough to just stack on top of each other. Some problem-solving skills were required to solve the problem. It proved to be exciting and engaging for all junior engineers.

Week-3 - army men bridge

Kindergarteners were tasked with developing their own bubble wands. Once they designed a working solution we had a chance to blow bubbles of our own design. Week-3 - bubble wands

5th-Grade was tasked with constructing towers and catapults for an engineering challenge of destruction. No instructions only goals were set for students. Next week we will see what teams have out engineered each other in this challenge.

Week-3 - catipult