How much of your day are you consuming media and taking in information? How many hours of your day are you creating, innovating, and making new items? How do they affect each other? What do they have to do with each other? What would the split look like 80/20, 70/30?

Consuming information and media all day long can be mentally taxing to the point you can’t give your attention any longer. The same effects can also come from creating new and original material all day long attempting to refine it to perfection, it is exhausting. The idea of finding a balance between the two worlds isn’t new, I would like to think about it in the framework of education and specifically at the elementary and middle school levels. What do our students days look like? How much are they taking in information and how many hours are they using that information to create and develop the new information? What does the split of the time look like for a student?

What is the outcome when students have consumed enough information and need to then do something with that information? Or worse where is the point that students finally tune out the information and refuse to take any more in. The answer has to be a balance between the two where the information is presented and learned but also processed, developed, and then turned into new things like; songs, plays, poetry, projects, artworks, productions, games and activities that the students have an ownership in creating. This is the mind-space that the EXPO will occupy, the realm for the creative.

There is a need in our culture for kids become more of the content creators and less the content consumers. Students need to be empowered to create and not fear to attempt to create. Failure is an inherent part of creating; many amazing outcomes start with failure but it is the failures that you learn from and help refine your skills. This first year of the EXPO is about discovering who we are what we can do in an experimental classroom. Students and staff are creating everything we will do, there isn’t a roadmap, we will be the creators and not the consumers in the EXPO.

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