Seeing students gain confidence and feel success in a project that lasts one class has been the highlight of this week. This week 5th-graders were tasked with engineering a way to get a ball into a cup. Not only were they highly motivated to complete a simple task they were working together in teams to find better solutions and refine their process so they could show off their system. Seeing kids jumping up and down cheering on their own success of completing the task was a win for EXPO and the students.


Classes are starting to get into a groove and making some strides. The 7th-grade class is off to some amazing work with turning discarded pallets into functional furniture for the middle school math class.


8th graders got to work this week and put some of the garden planning into action. The best part was hearing students say how fun it was to dig holes for class.


If you have anĀ interest in donating items or your time we would love to hear from you.