Island Life

4th Graders in EXPO have recently finished designing their own personal paradise. We investigated landforms that are found in different climates and regions of the world. With this research, we were able to develop, plan, organize, and build island topographical maps.... read more

A Titanic Build

Can an unsinkable ship be built? This was the question that was posed to 7th-grade students recently. We conducted an investigation into how do ships float, how is displacement calculated, and can ship design outsmart physics? 

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Proto Putty

8th-graders have been working on learning how casting works and how they could make replicas of everyday items. We ran into an interesting technique that uses 100% silicone caulk and cornstarch; this mixture allows for a quick casting of items and can also make some... read more

Wind powered kids

Sixth graders completed a new project recently. They were tasked with designing the most efficient wind turbine they could using sheets of aluminum flashing. Students studied the many varied styles of wind turbines and how they functioned. The class settled on... read more

Scrap wood derby

In the continued learning about simple machines, the second-grade classes tackled the design challenge to design a wood car that could travel the furthest in a downhill race. This was an extension of out recycled car race we completed earlier in the semester. This... read more


One of the activities that elementary student perform around the building is doing community service with trash pickup. This gives students an ownership of the school as well as wanting their school to be a clean place that the community can be proud of. This group of... read more

School Pride

Crown Pointe was recently gifted a set of put in cups from a parent volunteer. Today the students were tasked with making what was designed for a 6-foot fence fit onto a 5-foot fence. We did have to use some math and scaling problem solving to get a result that was... read more

It’s Electric!

3rd Graders this year have been involved in learning all they can about electricity. We have built circuits, tested voltage, learned to use a multimeter, made switches, and learned all about the dangers of electricity. We recently had the chance to learn all about... read more

Mechanical Hands

Recently, 7th graders were tasked with building a mechanical hand. Students completed research into how they could build a mechanical out of recycled goods and other materials that were readily available in the EXPO room. The goal was for students to design a hand... read more

“The Expo is an unbounded classroom where learning is not limited to a set of books or a curriculum guide.”

Evan Sherlock

Expo Director, Crown Pointe Academy

“I have dreamed of bringing a program like this into a school and now we are making that happen.”

Keith Ouweneel

Director , Crown Pointe Academy

“I see the EXPO being used as a portal for students as well as teachers to foster both curiosity and experimentation. It is a platform that challenges us to to seek out knowledge rather than just consume another learning experience.”

Monica Strass

1st Grade Teacher, Crown Pointe Academy